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Dead Doll’s vision is to support talented musicians and writers to achieve their full potential.

My name is Andy McGlashen, and throughout a 40-year career in business I’ve held senior roles in sales, operations and project, risk and business management. But my passion has always been music. From the first Bowie mixtape made for me by my sister, through punk in my formative school years, early hip hop, then electro and techno.

It’s the mix of decades of business experience and a deep passion for music that drives my outlook to life: Follow your heart, listen to your head, and you might just end up knowing how to do it after all! My ambition is to use my business and coaching experience to provide a solid foundation for talented musicians’ and writers’ creative skills. The range of support available is detailed here.

I love my music, but I know it doesn’t just happen by itself. Professional musicians have bills to pay like everybody else and are entitled to be treated fairly. These are Dead Doll’s four Values that determine how I work:

Fairness. A fair income for someone’s work and original art. For example, no-one should be expected to ‘pay-to-play’ or take unreasonable risks.

Transparency. I’ll be honest about what I can do and what my limits are.

Fun. I treat any task seriously and professionally. There may be ups and downs along the way but if it stops being fun then it’s time to stop.

Integrity. I want creative talent to thrive and this only happens when there’s mutual trust. It means being a confidante and a critical friend, to have the artists’ interests above mine, and fully respecting confidentiality.

On the journey I get the pleasure of knowing I helped, in a small way, to bring new music and other creative art to life for others who share my passion.

And have tons of fun.

If you want a free friendly chat about your specific needs, or just bounce an idea around (sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know), then please contact me


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