A note to Murdoch

"Well I'd love to change the worldBut I can't even change the channel"Murdoch / Thee Deadtime Philharmonic A thing I love about music is it keeps us 'auld yins' thinking young. One reason is because our memories are autobiographical, and cues help us remember certain events vividly. Smell is a cue (the smell of gorse … Continue reading A note to Murdoch

There is an ‘i’ in team

"I'd like to beUnder the seaIn an octopus's garden in the shade"R. Starkey I was in a café the other day and the music piped in the background was the Beatles’ (or to be more precise, Ringo's) Octopus’s Garden. I had been pondering about teamwork, and it occurred to me that the song embraced precisely … Continue reading There is an ‘i’ in team

What goes around comes around

“Feeling rather strange when you're sixteen again Things don't seem the same the past is so plain This future is our future this time's not a game This time you're sixteen again”P. Shelley / Buzzcocks “You know Bill, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all my years, sometimes you gotta say ‘What the fuck, … Continue reading What goes around comes around