I provide a wide range of business management services and coaching to support musicians’ and other artists’ creative talents. I know that artists and writers are often unlikely to have the resources (time or money) for everything from production costs, public relations, planning, marketing and social media; that’s even before a song is born, a gig has been played, or a page published. So my aim is to work in conjunction with artists to squeeze value from every penny earned or invested.

In my experience business management can mean virtually anything – it’s the oil that keeps the engine running smoothly and the show on the road. My approach is the same. It’s important to remain flexible, adaptable and willing to turn my hand to anything. The following list provides a flavour of the things I can do to help:

Artist management and guidance

  • Tour and gig planning
  • Negotiating fees and terms on musicians’ behalf
  • Media planning and contact management
  • Song and album release strategy
  • Social media strategy and advice on designing a website
  • Liaison with external service providers, e.g. public relations, insurance brokers
  • Skills coaching in, for example, negotiation, presentation and meetings
  • Guidance on cash and cost management
  • Life coaching and mentoring

Publishing, sync and release management

  • Negotiation and liaison with media production companies
  • Music release costing and revenue planning
  • Limited scope to secure finance to fund investment in releases
  • Distribution planning and support
  • Liaison with publishing companies to maximise royalty revenue
  • Researching and providing advice on other potential revenue streams

Other creative services

  • Advice and assistance to creative writers’ to publish their books
  • Provision of ISBN number
  • Publicity photography
  • Original creative photography