A note to Murdoch

"Well I'd love to change the worldBut I can't even change the channel"Murdoch / Thee Deadtime Philharmonic A thing I love about music is it keeps us 'auld yins' thinking young. One reason is because our memories are autobiographical, and cues help us remember certain events vividly. Smell is a cue (the smell of gorse … Continue reading A note to Murdoch

There is an ‘i’ in team

"I'd like to beUnder the seaIn an octopus's garden in the shade"R. Starkey I was in a café the other day and the music piped in the background was the Beatles’ (or to be more precise, Ringo's) Octopus’s Garden. I had been pondering about teamwork, and it occurred to me that the song embraced precisely … Continue reading There is an ‘i’ in team